The Vault is like having an injury specialist in your pocket when you need it most.

Access powerful, short trainings on specific issues as you encounter them at the gym, pool, track or studio. 

Instant searchable trainings in your pocket: 

  • 150+ videos and articles
  • Searchable by category, topic and keyword
  • The Vault is added too each month with all out best specific trainings
  • plus
    Like have your own Sports Physio in your pocket

(Join THE CLUB for just $9 for the first month, then $9 per month after that)


It's like having a master REHAB Sports Physiotherapist in your pocket 

Picture this...

You are on the gym floor, pool or track and you or your client is experiencing some knee pain.

What do you do?

a) Continue on in frustration with your training session and hope the pain fixes itself, or

b) Identify the muscle imbalance immediately and retrain with new functional movements to restore healthy function.

You pull out your phone and click 'Knee Pain'

  • Choose from one of the many videos on knee pain
  • Gain actionable knowledge instantly
  • Use the video to demonstrate to your client correct movement

Who is this for?

Fitness Professionals

If you are a health or fitness professional, trainer, coach or work anywhere where you encounter niggling pain in your clients then The Vault is a no-brainer for you.

Injuries and niggling pain are the number one cause of lost income that prevents your clients from training and moving forward toward their goals with you.

If you have the skills to help guide your client through to recovery, you can both keep moving forward.  The pace may have slowed, but they will have the confidence in you, and you will feel great about your contribution. If you don't know what to do with their pain (or yours), you will join the ranks of your peers, grumbling about the impact that injury is having on your business as yet another booking bites the dust. The choice is yours. Don't let lack of knowledge hold you back.


Professional or high level athletes looking to understand their bodies and take responsibility for their functional movement and progress find enormous benefit from have The Vault as a resource.

Having the knowledge at hand is as empowering as it is satisfying when you can instantly have the confidence to coach muscle imbalances into extinction.

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One click filter for all the most popular problem areas.

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THE most affordable and accessible REHAB resource for fitness professionals and enthusiasts you will find anywhere on the web - guaranteed. 

Developed and presented by qualified REHAB Sports Physiotherapists to give you more confidence and the competence to deal with life's niggling pain.

THE VAULT is added to monthly with more articles and video resources. Can't find something you want? You can always request and we will whiteboard it for inclusion.

Get Started for just $9

$9 per month. That's $2 per week for the whole CLUB! Really!  If THE VAULT saves you just one training session in the next few months then it will pay for itself over and over again.


What if I want to cancel?

What currency are you billing in?

Does it work on my mobile?

What if I need more help?

100% Money Back Gurarantee

If at any time you are not happy with ANYTHING about THE VAULT, or in fact anything your get in THE CLUB and don’t think that you have got your monies worth, just let me know.

Just send me an email and I will refund you in full immediately.