Learn how to identify, remediate and prevent those chronic niggling injuries your clients are suffering right now.

This course is a must for you if you want to learn:

  How to prevent or remediate those niggling injuries that prevent your clients from progressing.

  How to correct the 5 main muscle imbalances that your clients are suffering from RIGHT NOW.

  Learn the 3 quick screening tests to identify that your client is “high risk”.

  Receive 3 powerful tools in the mail to do your muscle imbalance corrections.

…and much more


With the World Class R+E+H+A+B Skill Set

This Course Is Right For You If...

  You ever wished you had a Physio on hand to help your clients with their niggling injuries.

  You are sick of seeing your clients’ progress interrupted by niggling painful injuries .

  You wish you had the skill set and the confidence to be able to do something about it.

  You are losing income from cancellations due to injury.

This course is not right for you if...

  You don’t care about your clients’ wellbeing.

  You are not interested in developing your professional skill set.

  You have never thought about the causes and effects of injury on your clients or your business.

Why This Is Critical For You Right Now

If you have been in the fitness profession for a while now, you will have no doubt been effected at some point by injuries.

Either your client presents with a niggling complaint that brings your training to a temporary, or even permanent end… or they injure themselves during their training that you are supervising.

Either way the result is the same.

Your client is in pain…

Training comes to and end…

Your income is interrupted and frustration mounts.

Evaluate, Prevent, Remediate

There is a better way

In this course, professional Physiotherapist and creator of the R+E+H+A+B Skill Set for fitness professionals, Ulrik Larsen, will start you on your injury management journey so that you can prevent and remediate these common injuries with skill and competence. 

Inside This Course You Will Find...

Inside the Course you will find 8 Modules, 39 comprehensive training videos with transcripts, extra training from related articles, activities to hone your new skills and an live forum to interact with your trainers and fellow students.



Module 1: REHAB and Risk Assessment

We will get started with an overview of the REHAB model, how it works and why it is critical to your client assessments.

Topics covered:

  • Spine risk assessment
  • Upper limb risk assessment
  • Lower limb risk assessment
  • How to implement into your practice
  • The ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of risk assessment



Module 2: Causes of Injury

In this module we explore the origins of injury in particular improper common training techniques, muscle imbalances and asymmetry.

Topics covered:

  • Common training techniques and how they cause injury
  • What are muscle imbalances and how do they impact the body
  • Asymmetrical patterns
  • How to identify high risk vulnerable clients and what you can do about it



Module 3: Muscle Imbalance 1

In this module we dive deep into the first of the 5 major muscle imbalances – the pec minor dominating lower trap.

Topics covered:

  • How to self-assess this common imbalance
  • 2 important exercises to reveal the imbalance
  • How to loosen the offending imbalance
  • How to activate the corrective muscle groups
  • The ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of risk assessment



Module 4: Muscle Imbalance 2

We zoom in of the activity of the should muscle groups in this module. If you have ever had pain in your shoulder during pressing then assessing this important muscle imbalance is the key.

Topics covered:

  • Anatomy of the external rotators and scapularis
  • Myofacial rolling for release of the posterior cuff
  • How to release the external rotators
  • 4 exercises to strengthen and remediate



Module 5: Muscle Imbalance 3

We explore one of the most stubborn of all muscle imbalances. But with these skills and patience you will confidently restore movement to your client.

Topics covered:

  • Applied anatomy of the TFL and the gluteus medius
  • Release techniques for restoring movement
  • Exercises to correct imbalances
  • Hip flexor release techniques for TFL



Module 6: Muscle Imbalance 4

In this module we cover the lower body as we learn to assess, remediate and prevent further injury and pain in the vastus lateralis & ITB dominating the vastus medialis.

Topics covered:

  • Functional anatomy of the quadriceps
  • Visual assessment and observation techniques
  • Using the Posture Pro to release the lateral quad
  • Drills, progressions and exercises to strengthen and remediate



Module 7: Muscle Imbalance 5

This is our last muscle imbalance and possible the least understood which is surprising because it affects 80% of your clients. Ulrik talks about how fixing this issue can not only reduce low back pain, but improve performance of exercises like squats and deadlifts.

Topics covered:

  • Applied anatomy of the posterior chain and the lumbar multifidus
  • Assessment of posterior chain
  • Release techniques and how to apply them
  • Strengthening exercises to prevent further injury
  • Additional info – Rehab Trainer presenter Adam Floyd & talks about the potential risks involved with the commonly prescribed exercise the Straight Leg Deadlift.



Module 8: Functional Movement and Lifestyle

Now comes the important part – integrating your newfound knowledge & skills into training. This module presents important information on how to blend your knowledge of REHAB and the muscular imbalances into functional, effective exercise programs.

Topics covered:

  • 4 important exercises every trainer should be employing
  • Making warm up and cool downs count by improving functional movement
  • Giving your clients homework to reinforcement movement
  • Discuss your results in the forum


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