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  • THE REHAB VAULT - $132 value. Your personal searchable library of over 150+ REHAB video trainings, eBooks and Newsletters
  • REHAB EXPRESS ONLINE - 10% discount off this powerful online workshop that normally takes 1.5 days to teach
  • REHAB 1+1 - 25% OFF direct client injury consulting and mentoring with an Experienced Rehab Trainer Sports Physiotherapist 
  • Private CLUB REHAB Facebook Group a community to chat with,  ask questions and get answers
  • REHABINARS - Watch monthly free training sessions!
  • REHAB EQUIPMENT discounts. Get access to all the recommended tools at discounted prices.

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A Closer look at What's Included...


It's like having a SPORTS PHYSIOTHERAPIST on hand for any client session in the GYM!

150+ video mini-trainings, PDF's and resources...

Searchable by topic and key word

  • On the spot training when you need it most in the gym
  • Added to each week with new content
  • Costs less than a cup of coffee per week
  • Perfect for the fitness professional dealing with clients on a daily basis

Normally $132 per year, the Vault is included for all CLUB members.

Plus... REHAB EXPRESS Online Workshop Discounts


10% Discount To All CLUB REHAB Members

Learn how to identify, ​correct and prevent movement dysfunctions and those chronic niggling injuries your clients are suffering right now. 


Inside this course you will learn:

  • How to prevent or correct those niggling injuries that prevent your clients from progressing
  • How to correct the 5 main muscle imbalances that your clients are suffering from RIGHT NOW.
  • Learn the 3 quick screening tests to identify that your client is “high risk”.
  • Receive 3 powerful tools in the mail to do your muscle imbalance corrections
  • Get 6 CPD points from Fitness Australia, 0.7 CPD points from ACE and NASM

...and so much more.

All CLUB members enjoy a 10% discount off your Rehab Online investment.

Plus... REHAB 1+1 for CLUB Members


Powerful Movement Assessment and Re-training: 

  • Combine corrective exercise of your client with your own professional development and learning
  • We bring world class REHAB skills to you and your client in your gym or studio
  • Limited sessions available each week so book ahead
  • Delivered world-wide via a Zoom session
  • Available to members of  REHAB CLUB at a 25% discount

Plus... Private Facebook Group Access

Join Club Facebook community and get help online.

Ask questions and get answers from the REHAB community. It's the place to get all the help you need to support your REHAB journey and give your clients massive value.

Plus... Members-Only Rehabinars

Members-Only Webinars for the REHAB Community

Enhance your training as a Fitness Professional with these Rehabinars to grow, emulate and implement in your fitness journey.

Have a sneak peak at episode #1

Episode #1 - Barriers to REHAB.

Unpack your deeper WHY so that when injury strikes you know your reason for pushing through the REHAB process and the 3 Under-estimations of REHAB. Knowing these will assist you to preempt and manage your and your clients recovery process with ease. 

Plus... Equipment Discounts


Discounts on all the equipment you need from our friends in the industry

I make NOTHING on this equipment. It is the equipment I use personally, that I teach with and recommend you use as well.  I have set up arrangements with suppliers so that you get discounts as a CLUB REHAB Member. 


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